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Last Updated: 01/04/00

Didn't I see Moz on SNL a few years back?
Yes, you did. Morrissey appeared on Saturday Night Live (SNL) on November 14th, 1992 with host Michael Keaton and performed "Glamorous Glue" and "Suedehead." In case you want to see it, Comedy Central reruns SNL daily.

Didn't I see Moz on The Tonight Show a few years back?
Yes, you did - perhaps even twice. He first appeared on June 14, 1991 when Johnny Carson was hosting - you do remember him don't you? Moz performed "Sing Your Life" and "There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends." If you're watching closely, you can see Boz hit a wrong note and Alain gives him a look. Moz returned a year later on August 9, 1992 with Jay Leno. He performed "You're The One For Me, Fatty" and "Certain People I Know." Jay even got an autograph. In case you missed these shows, you may be out of luck. These aren't being rerun anywhere. However, you might be able to find another kind fan on the Internet who will copy them for you.

Didn't I see Moz wearing a hearing aid when he was on Top of The Pops doing "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now"?
Yes. According to interviews, he wore it in sympathy for a disabled Smiths fan who had written to him.

We've also heard that's just a rumor and it was in honor of Billy Fury (1950s singer) who was partially deaf.

Didn't Moz do a concert in 1988?
Morrissey's first ever solo gig was at the Civic Hall in Wolverhampton, England in 1988 as documented on the "Hulmerist" video compilation. Though this was a solo Moz gig, half of the tracks were Smiths material (from Strangeways only) and the backing band was The Smiths (minus Johnny, plus Craig Gannon).

Can you give me a solo Moz gigography?
1988 Wolverhampton show
1991 "Kill Uncle" World Tour
1992 "Your Arsenal" World Tour
Early 1995 "In Person" Tour (in support of Boxers - Europe only)
Late 1995 "Southpaw Grammar" Tour (opens for Bowie except for Japan)
1997 "Maladjusted" World Tour (more fan reports here)

1999-2000 "Oye Esteban" (more info here)

From what movie does the video to "Girlfriend In A Coma" come?
The movie featured in the video is the 60s cult classic, "The Leather Boys." The two actors seen the most in the video are Colin Campbell and Rita Tushinghon

Is there a studio version of "Jack The Ripper"?
Yes, a studio version of "Jack the Ripper" (as opposed to live on "Beethoven Was Deaf" and "World of Morrissey") can be found on the UK "Certain People I Know" single. This single is no longer being pressed and usually costs around $35 when found at CD stores.

Wasn't moz supposed to do some concerts in 1994?
Yes, Morrissey had two NY gigs and one LA, set for the summer of 1994 (in support of Vauxhall) but canceled both at the last minute. Apprently he was not even informed the shows were to happen.

Wasn't "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" on the soundtrack to "Pretty in Pink"?
Yes, it was.

Wasn't there a Smiths song in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"?
Yes, an instrumental cover of "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" by the Dream Academy is played during the museum scene, when Cameron gets hypnotized by the Seurat painting. A recording of this cover (with vocals) can be found on the compilation cd "Sedated in the '80's Vol. 4" (The Right Stuff 7243-8-34661-2-2). Tt can also be found on a video put out by The Dream Academy.

What's going on in the video to "November Spawned A Monster" with that band aid, the apple, and the VILE hat?
Your guess is as good as ours with that band aid and apple. Perhaps he injured himself preparing for the video shoot and also got hungry as they were filming it? Morrissey does have a history of writing words or phrases on himself or objects (see some Tops of The Pops appearances and his tambourines on tours).

What's that introduction to "November Spawned a Monster" on "Beethoven was Deaf"?
That's the music to "Oujia Board, Oujia Board" (which has never played live in full).

What's that sound at the beginning of "Speedway" supposed to be?
It's supposed to be the sound of a motorbike (the type driven at a speedway) but they actually recorded a chainsaw (it's Danton Supple "playing" it ).

What's that sound at the beginning of "Sorrow Will Come In The End"?
Two theories: A whip or, more likely, the sound of a court room gavel.

What's that sound at the end of "Margaret On The Guillotine"?
The sound of the guillotine dropping.

What's the "The Queen Is Dead" film at the end of the video compilation "The Smiths: The Complete Picture"?
British filmmaker Derek Jarman made a short promotional film of the songs "The Queen Is Dead," "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out," and "Panic." The Smiths never met Jarman, nor were they involved in the project.

What's this I hear about Johnny singing on backing vocals?
Yes, Johnny Marr sang backing vocals for The Smiths live on about 4 songs for the first 10 or so gigs that they ever did.

Where can I find rare, old, or even current Morrissey and Smiths records and CDs?
Check out the Cemetry Gates Shopping Page for numerous online vendors.

Where can I find setlists and other tour information for Morrissey and The Smiths?
The gigography question above has links to some Internet resources on recent Morrissey tours including setlists and fan reports. " Severed Alliance" has extensive Smiths setlists in the back.

Where can I find sheet music for The Smiths?
Right now we know of a few places to get some. This page has more information, or here.

Where is the sound of a woman (either weeping or laughing) towards the end of "Suffer Little Children" from?
We're not really sure. Perhaps it was just a recording the studio had or they asked someone to record it?

Who are all those Moz impersonators in the "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before" video?
The fake Mozzers in the "Stop Me" video were recruited members of the Smiths Indeed fanzine. You may notice Lucette Henderson amongst them, she later appeared in the "Everyday is like Sunday" video.

Who has covered The Smiths and Morrissey?
Stephane has the definitive Song Cover Lists.

Who has done backing vox for The Smiths and solo Moz besides Johnny Marr, Boz Boorer, and Alain Whyte?
-Kirsty MacColl on "Ask" and "Interesting Drug"
-Linder Sterling on "Driving Your Girlfriend Home"
-Chrissie Hynde on "My Love Life"
-Mary Margaret O'Hara on "November Spawned A Monster"
-Suggs on "Piccadily Palare"
-Jim Moire (Vic Reeves) on "Sing Your Life"?

Who is the girl in the "How Soon Is Now?" video?
We don't know exactly who she is yet, but we've gotten some interesting info from fans.
First, the video was made by student filmmakers in England who were commissioned by Sire. The girl was a friend of the filmmakers and was either a model or an acting student. Second, she is a friend of a friend of a Smiths fan! At the time the video was shot, 1985, she was working at a modelling agency in New York. Through the agency she got the opportunity to appear in the video. She didn't know who The Smiths were at the time and wasn't and probably isn't a fan of the band. However she apparently did listen to some cool music and was open minded. She has a child now and is living in Alabama. Perhaps we'll just leave it at that so we don't unleash a mob of Smiths fans to her door.
But, if you're reading this, e-mail us!

Who is that singing backing vox on "Bigmouth Strikes Again"?
That's Morrissey's voice sped up. Ann Coates is a play on Ancoats - an area of North Manchester

Who is in the picture shown on the wall in the video for "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful?"
It is a still from a Madness video. You can see it in the 'Divine Madness' cd-booklet too.

Why did my music professor say that "Billy Bud" is an opera?
Because it is! It is also the title of an opera by Benjamin Britten, an early 20th century composer who was known for his operas, and for his unusual affection for young boys.

It's also a novel by Herman Melville. Melville also wrote a very short piece called "John Marr." Hhhmmm.

Why does the music to "The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils" sound familiar?
It is a few seconds of Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony sampled and looped.

Why does Morrissey look like he got into a fight in the concert video "Introducing Morrissey"?
Don't forget that was his "Boxers" tour. And what do boxers look like after a fight? Don't worry, it was only makeup.

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