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Last Updated: 12/03/99

Album information:
The Smiths: The original title was "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle."
Meat Is Murder: The soldier's helmet orginally read: "Make war, not peace."

How did the albums and singles do in the UK charts?
Stephane has this information in his Discographies.

Wasn't "Bona Drag" intended to be a full (non-compilation) studio album when work first started?
Yes, when Morrissey sat down with guitarist Stephen Street and said "let's make my sophomore solo album" it was intended to be all new material from the same sessions. But after recording a few songs "they" ran out of ideas and released a few of the songs they had recorded as singles ("November" etc.) A few years later the b-sides from later singles were added on and "Bona Drag" was released.

Wasn't Sunny supposed to be on the Friends Soundtrack?
Yes, but (in true moz form) he changed his mind about the inclusion of it at the last minute.

What are the most rare Smiths items?
Here's the top 10 as of November, 1992.

      Title                                          Current Mint Value in pounds
      -----                                          ----------------------------         
1.   "Reel Around The Fountain"(7" test pressing, RT 136)                120 
2.   "The Smiths"(Ger. promo LP, RTD 25, numbered,multi-coloured)        100
3.   "Hand In Glove"(7",RT 131,w/misprinted blue sleeve)                  80
4.   "You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby"(12" test pressing, RTT 195)    65
5.   "Meat Is Murder"(US promo LP, WBMS 130,w/interview)                  60
6.   "Meat Is Murder"(Jap. promo LP,Tokuma Japan Corp 25 RTL 3001)        55
7.   "This Charming Man"(7" test pressing, RT 136)                        50
8.   "This Charming Man"(Jap. 12",Tokuma Japan Corp 15 RTL 3)             50
9.   "This Charming Man"(12" test pressing, RTT 136 NY)                   50
10.  "Meat Is Murder"(12" test pressing of live EP, RTT 186)              50
What records are (insert song here) on?
Check Stephane Daigle's song checklists, available at :

What's the Salford Lad's Club pictured on the inside of "The Queen Is Dead"?
Salford Lad's Club is a Working Men's Club in Manchester, England. The famous photo-shoot for "The Queen Is Dead" album took place directly outside there, on the end of the "real" Coronation Street (no doubt a discrete reference to one of Morrissey's favourites, the soap Coronation Street).

What's this about a different working title to "Viva Hate"?
The working title to Morrissey's first solo album, "Viva Hate", was "Education in Reverse." A few copies on vinyl and cassette were pressed in Australia and can be found at record conventions for about $80.

What's this I hear about a "Viva Hate" reissue?
"Viva Hate" was reissued by EMI in early 1997 to "celebrate" EMI's 100 anniversary. The "special edition" Viva Hate (which was released on the UK only) includes 9 extra tracks (which had already been released as b-sides): Let The Right One Slip In, Pashernate Love, At Amber, Disappointed (Live), Girl Least Likely To, I'd Love To, Michael's Bones, I've Changed My Plea To Guilty.

What's this little CD-sized book with a 3-track CD I've seen at record stores?
It's a little book called "Extraordinary Ordinariness." The 3 tracks on the CD are "This Charming Man", "Jeane" and "Accept Yourself". According to one fan, the booklet is basically nothing new if you've read "Severed Alliance." It has the usual history and discography and also info about the 1996 court case. There's also some shocking new photos of The Smiths and some drawings and paintings with lyrics on them.

What was the first Smiths single?
"Hand in Glove" backed with "Handsome Devil" - May 1983.

Where can I get a list of all the etchings in the grooves of my Smiths and Moz vinyl?
Many are listed in the book "." But if you don't have it Stephane has an excellent list of etchings.

Who was on the cover of ... ?
Stephane has an excellent list of Cover Stars.

Why did Morrissey switch from Mercury to Island records in 1997?
It was a last ditch effort to find a record company who would include the track "Sorrow Will Come In the End" on the album "Maladjusted". Island decided not to include it either but did say they would let me him release it on an independent label.

Why does my copy of "The World Won't Listen" have "Money Changes Everything" and "Golden Lights" on it?
This was re-released in 1992 by Warner (WEA) with "Money Changes Everything" on WEA cds and "Golden Lights" on WEA cd and cassette reissues. "Money Changes Everything" is found all cassette releases.

Why does the beginning of "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others" decrease suddenly in volume, then rise back to the normal level on my copy of "The Smiths...Best Vol.1"?
One theory is that sound engineers, when they do a final "test mix" of a song, often purposefully do this or something similar to a song to ensure they get paid (otherwise the record company could just release the final test mix itself). It's possible that's what happened here, but this time even that didn't work and it got released as is. Alternatively, the test mix was *accidentally* pressed.

Why doesn't my copy of "Kill Uncle" have "Tony The Pony" on it?
It's only on the Sire Records US and Canada pressings of the album.

Why doesn't my copy of "Maladjusted" have "Sorrow Will Come In The End" on it?
It was not included on the UK releases because of the 1996 court case which may have provided the inspiration for the song. It was included on the US release.

Why doesn't my copy of "Meat is Murder" have "How Soon Is Now?" on it?
It's only on the Sire LP, CD and cassette, on WEA CD and cassette and on Australian Rough Trade LP.

Why doesn't my copy of "The Smiths" have "This Charming Man" on it?
It's only on the Sire LP, CD and cassette, on Rough Trade UK and France cassette and on WEA CD and cassette. It is also included on Australian releases, but at the end of the album instead of at the beginning of side 2.

Why doesn't my vinyl of "Viva Hate" have "Hairdresser on Fire" on it?
Because "Hairdresser on Fire" wasn't originally on the album. It was added when the US and Canada CDs of it was made. The song was originally a B-Side to "Suedehead".

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