MozGuide UK
A travel guide to England for a Smiths and Morrissey fan.

The pages are intentionally simple so you may print them easily and take them with you on your travels.

A detailed guide compiled by Cemetry Gates.

You also may enjoy this map from the 1993 issue of Select magazine
A detailed guide compiled by Cemetry Gates.

Many thanks go out to the following sources for the information and images used in the making of this guide:
The Darkened Underpass, Eyewitness Travelguides: London [buy it from], Hated For Fame's Guide to Manchester, Janco's Travel Site, Let's Go: Britian & Ireland [buy it from], Lonely Planet travel survival kit: Britian [buy it from], Select, Manchester A to Z, MapQuest, The Morri'Zine, Water Rat's New Order Centre, Wilde About Morrissey.

You also may enjoy Morrissey's Manchester by Phill Gatenby.


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