Manchester: City Centre: Sights

1. Salford Lads Club

2. Strangeways Prison

3. The Holy Name Church

4. The Hacienda

5. The Ritz

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Salford Lad's Club

Celebrated 100 years on 2003!

Directions: See the multimap or their website.

Importance: Now-famous location of "The Queen Is Dead" inner shot.

Strangeways Prison

Southall Street, Manchester M3

Directions: See the multimap. Follow Deansgate northwest out of City Centre.

Importance: Does the title of The Smiths' last studio album ring a bell?

Photos from The Darkened Underpass.

The Holy Name Church

Directions: See the multimap. Take Oxford Road southeast out of City Centre. It should be next to Manchester University.

Importance: Mentioned in "Vicar In A Tutu."

Photos from The Darkened Underpass.

The Hacienda

Directions: See the multimap. On Whitworth Street, southern part of City Centre.

Importance: Formerly the premiere nightclub in Manchester. Owned by Factory Records and New Order. Site of an early Smiths show. Now closed and demolished.


Photos from Water Rat's New Order Centre and taken by Ian Briggs.

The Ritz

Directions: See the multimap. On Whitworth Street down from the Hacienda on the north side of the street.

Importance: Location of The Smiths first live performance.

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