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6. Davyhulme Park Hospital

7. St Mary's Secondary Modern School

8. 384 King's Road

9. Whalley Range

10. 35 Mayfield Road

11. Platt Fields Park

12. Southern Cemetery


Davyhulme Park Hospital

Now seems to be called Trafford General Hospital
Moorside Road
Manchester   M41 5SL

Directions: See the multimap. This is a bit far away from the other sights. It's located on Bowers Avenue between Davyhulme Road and Moorside Road.

Importance: The hospital where Morrissey was born.

St Mary's Secondary Modern School


Directions: See it on multimap. On Renton Road and Christie Road.

Importance: Morrissey's secondary school which undoubtedly inspired songs about England's school system. Behind the school is an iron bridge perhaps from "Still Ill."

Photos from The Darkened Underpass.

384 King's Road

Directions: See it on multimap. If you arrive in Stretford by bus you'll probably be at the station on Kingsway Edge. Kings Road is just a block away. But you're at the wrong end of it so be prepared for a good walk.

Importance: Morrissey's teenage home.

Whalley Range

Directions: See it on Mapquest. Continue on King's Road until you hit Upper Chorlton Road and you'll be in the general area.

Importance: Mentioned in "Miserable Lie.".

35 Mayfield Road


Directions: See it on multimap. In the Whalley Range area. Probably near where Mayfield Road hits Withington Road.

Importance: Former home of Linder where Morrissey often visited.

Platt Fields Park


Directions: See it on multimap. Due east of Whalley Range on Wilbraham Road. Bordered by Platt Lane, Hart Road, and Wilmslow Road.

Importance: Probable location of the fair mentioned in "Rusholme Ruffians."

Southern Cemetery


Directions: See the multimap. Head south from Whalley Range on Withington Road. Take Mauldeth Road west and then head south on Moor Road. Rather far from Whalley Range. I've heard that the number 11 bus out of Piccadilly Station goes right to the Cemetry, erm... Cemetery.

Importance: Cemetery frequented by Morrissey and Linder and inspiration for "Cemetry Gates."

Photo from The Darkened Underpass.

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