Smiths Convention 97 stories
Stories by: Scott / Despair / Michael / Torr / Melinda / scottyeddie / Chris / Emily / U of Washington online daily
Pictures by: Angela / Torr

For the record, there was minimal actual revelry, in my opinion. So, don't believe those lying journalists! (Several points to Samsher for his clever wit.) I swear we have no idea how that police car got set on fire. :)

Almost nobody got really hammered (well, ok, a couple...maybe), and there was little or no group sex. Bestiality, and cannibalism were also kept to a reasonable minimum.

The biscuits couldn't be beat, by the way!

The truth is, we were getting people complaining about the noise at the afterparty, before we had even started. We were about as tame a group as we could be, just sitting and talking and watching Moz vids. A group was playing guitar and singing along in a very reasonable way. As it happened, as quiet as we were, we got thrown out of the room we were in. Fortunately, we had other rooms, and these absorbed the refugees.

I left about 3:00, so if anything exciting happened after this, it is someone else's job to report :)

Incidentally, if anyone was wondering, the marker pen is wearing off my skin all too quickly :(

The Convention itself went off extremely well. Everyone had fun, as far as I could tell. There was merchandise galore, but someone else should describe that portion, because some tosser walked off with my stuff, and don't want to think about it. Grrrr!

Andy and Mike had a little interview and Q&A session with Richard Blade. There weren't too many shocks, though. The nuggets that I took away were: Andy states categorically that the Smiths basslines are ALL HIS, and not written by Johnny at all. (My regard for his place in the band goes *way* up with this information). Mike commented that there was a *bit* of typical rockstar lifestyle with the Smiths, although "we weren't Van Halen, after all". At the question, "Is Morrissey celibate?" Mike, with a little hemming and hawing (a possibly dramatic, or humourous in nature -- he told them to turn the cameras off) confirmed Morrissey's celibacy. Incidentally, Mike seemed quite bright and funny, while Andy came off as a bit of hippy burnout, sadly.

In my opinion, it was the abundance of Smiths fans in one place that was the highlight of the whole event. After enduring clubs that at best *might* play one or two Smiths songs, it was like a breath of fresh air to be able to dance to song after song, with all these beautiful, and charming people. And, naturally the Askers were the most beautiful and charming, but I might be a little bit biased :)

Incidentally, as a note to Stephane, I met a fan who is putting together what he hopes will the definitive collectors discography of Smiths music, as an illustrated book. He had the manuscript that he has so far, and it is already amazing. I mentioned you to him as our resident collectibles expert, and he wants to get with you and compare notes. He hopes to have email access soon, and he then, also, plans to join Ask. I have his mailing address, if you want it.

Well, that's all I can think of, at the moment, to say. There are many more, I am sure, who will follow with much better descriptions, and their own viewpoints.