Smiths Convention 97 stories
Stories by: Scott / Despair / Michael / Torr / Melinda / scottyeddie / Chris / Emily / U of Washington online daily
Pictures by: Angela / Torr

on saturday i arrived in l.a. from seattle, and i rented a car with x-tine and alex. we went to melrose and my and christine's bags were stolen, so i lost two centemental, not to mention pricey, gifts. one from my parents and the other from my sister, whom i dearly love. i was pissed and in a bad mood. then at the westway i met a bunch of people and went out to dinner at 11 with about ten people. then to dance at the assylum, but it was closing. so overall the first day was rotten.

on sunday i got to the convention at 12:30 or so, but got to the beginning of the line because some other askers were there. i met a boy named christian, who won the grand prize, the lucky stiff, who was really cool. when i got in i immediately spent tons of money on gifts for me and a few of my friends, and say the video in 'the smiths theatre.' then mike and andy came on stage and answered questions, and alex's were asked. it was about whether andy wore underwear in the queen is dead photo, don't deny that he has quite a package in the picture. i got their signatures after waiting in line for two hours, and began to dance. then nichole (i don't know if she's on ask) arrived and were standing when the raffle started. we agreed to take eachother if one of us won a dinner, but unfortunately we didn't. my favorite part of the convention was the dancing, besides mike and andy of course. while dancing, i saw andy going up some stairs, so i fan to the top and got a hug. i nearly fell in glory. i was so excited, you can imagine. later in the evening i went to talk to vu and nichole as they were walking away from the table where andy and mike were signed. they said that mike signed the table cloth, so i went and ripped off, it was stapled on, so part of it ripped, but not where he wrote luckily. i have it hangin in my room at school. it reads, 'mike joyce is tired.' i love it, i look at it and get glad all over. at the ask party i solidified the friendships i made at the convention and the previous night. including christian (he's not on ask but a real gem, i even got a picture of myself holding the gold record he won), nichole (from san diego, she taught me few moves while swing dancing to 'sing your life,' it was great), and torr (from dallas, i think). i talked with many people, but with these three the most. if i left you out, i apologize, but my mammory (inside joke, i'm sorry) is bad. but i don't remember your faces. kudos to don, alex, christian, ryan, and whoever else who won the dinners. i'm in love, with what or with whom i don't know, but i just have that feeling.

i stayed up the whole night, and i couldn't believe that not many did, because, well, it was the smiths convention, this may be pathetic, but i'd say it was the best *weekend* of my life. i love it. well, on the way home i started to cry on the plane, i guess i'm a little emotional. the man, around 40-45, next to me asked if i was alright. i told him my whole story, i left many details out in this post. he also was a fan of the smiths, but couldn't get tickets. it was nice talking to him because he knew who the smiths were, and from my experience not many people do. so i felt a little better.

when i got home i was still sad, and still am. but i'm better now becasue i got 11 hours of sleep. and the previous nights i averaged 2 and 1/2. so i'm better, and am in the process of putting things up on my walls from the smiths convention.

i loved the weekend, and feel sorrow for those who couldn't be there. i also want to thank everyone who i talked to. you all impacted me tremendously, for just little things, especially those who i've already mentioned. and like i said, now that i am home i feel that great feeling of love. and i owe it to everyone who i met.

if this is a reapeat to any of you i'm sorry, but i love to hear peoples stories, and i just had to tell mine, no matter how fragmented it was. one more thing, if my english is bad, it is because i'm tired, so from now on, i'll write these posts during the afternoon maybe.