Smiths Convention 97 stories
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well, like many others, i made it down to pasadena for the smiths convention. i cannot give enough compliments to the organizers - i had an amazing time (well worth the 6+ hour flight from toronto).

i found that the vendors had very little of interest aside from a few bootleg shirts and the incredibly cute 'there is a light' mini-flashlight (although i DID buy that gold plated 'sunny' record - i couldnt go away entirely empty handed!) mike and andy (well, mike anyways!) were wonderful to put up with the hours of signings/questions etc....with very little griping :) although i didnt win a meal with the band, i shamelessly went to the hard rock cafe and sat at the next table (thanks for leaking the location to me, alex!)...i am certain it would have been a nightmare should everyone done the same, but i felt strangely justified in going since i came from so far away :) andys wife was an absolute darling - if only her husband could have shared the enthusiasm that she and mike possessed. maybe he was just tired. or bitter about his settlement..who knows.....the saddest part of the evening was undoubtedly the auction. who WAS that guy on stage?